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Choosing the right target journal and navigating editorial processes

May 18, 2017
8:00 p.m.
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Choosing the target journal is undoubtedly a major challenge for many authors. Should you choose an interdisciplinary journal? A top-tier journal in your field? Or an open-access journal?

The popular impact factor should by no means be the sole factor in making this decision. The important questions are who the audience of your work is and where your work will create maximum impact!

The right time to decide on the target journal(s) is well before you finish a manuscript. And once you have decided on the journal, the next challenge is to navigate the editorial process—which seems like
a black-box. Editorial processes rely on effective interactions between authors, editors, and peer reviewers. Having a basic understanding of these processes may save you months of time, by helping you avoid unnecessary revisions or even rejections.

This webinar will provide a practical guide on choosing the right target journal and will demystify editorial processes from the perspective an experienced scholar and journal editor.

Who is this for?

Beginner- and intermediate-level authors, especially those with science and technology backgrounds, who have frequently had manuscripts rejected by journal editors

Why should you attend?

Choosing the right target journal needs sound judgment and experience. Editorial processes rely on effective interactions between authors, editors, and peer reviewers. This session will be delivered by an experienced scholar who has also served as an editor for a few international journals. It will help you develop skills in choosing the right target journal and get an insider’s view of the editorial process, by focusing on the following important aspects:

  • How can you narrow down the choice of target journals? How can you find valuable information about the standards and preferences of editors of the target journal?
  • How can you make a decision by weighing the relative importance of journal impact factor, rejection rate, publication time, and publication fees?
  • How do editors screen a manuscript before sending it out for peer review? Why do they do that?
  • How long does the peer review process usually take? Is it appropriate to ask if my submission is still under review after two months? How to prepare a revised manuscript?
  • Are editors monsters?

After this session, you will better understand how to choose the right target journal and will be able to confidently interact with editors and peer reviewers of international journals.

How do you register?

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Note that the webinar will be conducted in Chinese.

Featured expert

Professor Yang Gan, Academic publication trainer

Yang Gan has M.E. and Ph.D degrees in materials chemistry and physics from the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was a postdoctoral researcher at University of Newcastle, Australia, and currently heads the Department of Energy Chemical Engineering at Harbin Institute of Technology. His research interests include colloidal and surface chemistry, scanning probe microscopy, nanotribology, controlled drug release with nanomaterials, surface particle deposition and contamination control, and environmental catalysis and photo-electrochemistry.

Yang Gan has been an editorial board member for Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group) and is currently editorial board member for International Journal of Nanomedicine (Dove Medical Press) and associate editor for RSC Advances. He is the recipient of the biennial Teaching Excellence Award (2015) and Outstanding Faculty Award (2014) at Harbin Institute of Technology, and he co-authored a paper that was recognized with the Frans Habraken Best Paper Award (2014). He has published many journal articles over the past few years—including original research articles, invited reviews, non-referred essays, and book reviews—and has been invited to deliver talks at institutes in China, the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

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