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Language tips for academic writing: helping you communicate your science effectively

April 28, 2016 Time
0530 UTC
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This webinar was aimed at authors who struggle with communicating their science in English, specifically researchers or doctoral students who want to overcome the language barrier and communicate their science effectively in English. The speaker—Steven Ward—discussed the essential components of a sentence and how authors can avoid pitfalls they may encounter while constructing sentences. He also shared tips on how to ensure that sentences are concise and reader-focused.
What the webinar covered
  1. What the essential components of a sentence are and how to avoid pitfalls you may encounter while constructing sentences
  2. How to ensure that your sentence is concise and reader-focused

Featured expert

Steven Ward, Lecturer and trainer

Steven Ward is a full-time lecturer in the Political Science Department at Chosun University, Korea. He completed his postgraduation in Public Administration and has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts. He was the graduate research assistant and program coordinator at the Missouri International Training Institute in Columbia, USA. As a full-time lecturer at Chosun University, Ward has led undergraduate courses in American Government, International Organizations, and English for Political Science for the Political Science and International Relations Department. He has also taught graduate level courses in American Politics and International Relations courses for the Department of Military Policy and Strategy in an extension program for Korean army officers.

Over the years, he has lectured on a variety of topics at universities all over Korea and has proofread theses, research manuscripts, and books to make them worthy of publication. This experience has enabled him to develop an acute awareness of the issues facing Korean professionals who want to have their papers published in international journals.

If you missed this webinar, you can still access the recording by clicking on the link below and filling out a brief registration form!

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    I learned the clues about how to write a scientific research paper. The workshop was very beneficial for researchers.
    Research Assistant ,Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey
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    Now I know how to write a cover letter. Editage workshop showed me practical ways to prepare my research cover.
    Prof. Dr. ÇİĞDEM İÇKE
    Medical Sciences Anatomy Student , Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey