Become a great peer reviewer!

An essential peer reviewer training course for new and established peer reviewers

Peer Reviewer Training Course

You are a published author.

Now, how can you add significant value to your resume and reputation?

By becoming a peer reviewer! Being invited as a peer reviewer by a journal amounts to being accepted as an expert in the field. It is a kind of recognition in itself to be known as a peer reviewer, and this can be a stepping stone for novice researchers. Apart from this, reviewers have the opportunity to be on top of new developments in their field and expand their knowledge. It is vital for an early career researcher to expand his/her network, and becoming a peer reviewer offers a great opportunity to interact with journal editors and fellow researchers in the field. As a result, many early career researchers look forward to receiving peer review invitations.

You have never reviewed before.

Will a journal accept you as a peer reviewer?

Journal editors are always looking to expand their pool of peer reviewers. Moreover, many of them prefer to recruit early career researchers since they are more likely to accept invitations, have time to spend on reviewing, and are eager to prove themselves and thus likely to be thorough. So seize your chance at climbing up a step and becoming a peer reviewer!

You are already an established peer reviewer.

Is there anything else you can learn to make your peer review stand out?

Yes, you can learn from the best! This course has been curated by Editage Insights experts, and the advanced version includes some super valuable pointers from learned academics who have decades of experience as peer reviewers. Apart from the basics of peer reviewing, you can also gain perspectives on how expert research methodologists and statisticians approach peer reviews.

Become a great peer reviewer!

Essential training for new and established peer reviewers

The basic course is free and the advanced course is available at a special discounted price for Wolters Kluwer authors and reviewers, so don’t miss out!



at a special discount

USD 200 USD 150

  • Three-hour interactive e-learning course (6 modules), including videos and quizzes
  • Discussion forum for Q&A
  • Downloadable peer review report template
  • Downloadable tools and checklists for different stages of reviewing
  • Methodology and statistics reviewing guide by expert peer reviewers
  • Advanced tips to boost your stature
  • Practice review assignment with assessment and feedback from course faculty
  • Certificate of completion

Basic course

Completely free

  • Three-hour interactive e-learning course (6 modules), including videos and quizzes
  • Discussion forum for Q&A
  • Downloadable peer review report template
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ExPert tips From Experienced peer reviewers

Dr. Jonas Ranstam

Medical statistician, award-winning peer reviewer, independent statistical consultant

Prof. Caven Mcloughlin

Ph.D., Professor, Kent State University, Ohio USA, Fulbright scholar, experienced trainer, journal editor

Dr. Jo Roislien

Mathematician, biostatistician, science communicator, professor, statistical advisor

Dr. Jonas Ranstam—the world’s most prolific peer reviewer

Reviewed 661 papers in a year

Be a part of this honored tradition.

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