With our Rapid Technical Review service, our subject-area expert will carefully study your manuscript to review the study design, research findings, Limitations of the study, implications of the findings, etc. and suggest recommendations to improve the science. Often manuscripts receive rejection or negative peer review due to poor structure, weak argument, etc. Our experts will provide suggestions to improve your chances for acceptance and help you eliminate major reasons for rejection even before you submit to the journal of your choice. All this within a rapid turnaround time, allowing you to revise your manuscript and still meet aggressive publication deadlines.


  • Eliminate major reasons for manuscript rejection through comprehensive and objective evaluation
  • Specific technical review with suggestions for improvement
  • A short wait period compared to journal review comments

Why choose Rapid Technical Review?

Specific technical input
Having published and peer-reviewed papers in major journals, our highly competent experts are able to apply their knowledge of the field and their publishing experience to help improve the overall quality of your manuscript.
Comprehensive and objective evaluation
Using an incisive and detailed questionnaire, our experts prepare a manuscript assessment report. The report covers all aspects of your manuscript, from an evaluation of the study design to a commentary on the literature review.
Actionable recommendations to improve your manuscript
Our experts provide a critical evaluation but also go further to recommend corrective action that will help you take specific action. This allows you to make necessary changes quickly and meet your submission deadline.
Pricing and turnaround time: $500, 1 week

Frequently asked questions

All our experts have a minimum qualification of PhD in your subject area. Many of them have an experience of publishing manuscripts themselves and few of them even have even served as peer reviewers on journal editorial boards.

You will receive your manuscript with our experts comment on it. You will also receive a report outlining the next steps you need to take to improve your file.

Our team of experts will review every section of the manuscript and recommend suggestions for improvements. The main aspects that our experts consider while suggesting changes are: Study design, research findings, relevance, limitations of the study, recency of references, literature review, etc.

As publication of any manuscript largely depends on the research quality and on the journal editor, we cannot guarantee publication. However, we ensure helping you increase the chances of getting published or a positive peer review.

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