The first step of research article publication is to select your target journal. It is very essential to select the most appropriate journal for your manuscript to reduce the number of rejections and save valuable publication time. One of the most common reasons of rejection is when the research topic is outside the scope of the journal or inappropriate for its target audience. All your efforts of formatting the manuscript as per the target journal guidelines go in vain due to such desk rejections.
Under this service, our subject-area expert will shortlist 3 to 5 best-suited journals for your manuscript and prepare a report that will list the pros and cons of submitting to each.


  • You receive the most appropriate 3-5 journals for submission
  • You receive a detailed Journal Selection report that justifies selection of each journal making it easier to decide
  • A subject area expert will study your manuscript and consider your requirements and suggest journals accordingly

How our experts recommend the most appropriate journals for you

Our experts review the requirements and your manuscript before making any suggestions. The journal selection report covers,
  • Scope of each journal (does it match your study?)
  • Impact factor
  • Target readership
  • Your requirements (example: SCI/SCIE journal)
  • Type of manuscript (original research or review)
Pricing and turnaround time: $300, 4 business days

Frequently asked questions

We have a team of subject-area experts and experienced researchers who themselves have published manuscripts in many journals. Many of these experts have peer review experience with reviewing manuscripts for journals.

You will receive a report outlining the pros and cons of each suggested journal. This will make it easier for you to shortlist a journal for submission.

We do not guarantee acceptance or publication. However, if you are not satisfied with our deliverable or if the report does not meet the service scope, we will be happy to redo the assignment.

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